Fourth Quarter Challenge

Happy Fall to you! And happy October! And happy fourth quarter! Yes, three-quarters of 2018 have passed into history, believe it or not. Today I’m issuing a challenge for the final three months of this year. “Determine to make at least one sewn or quilted item for holiday gifting.”

I recently finished making a quilt from Maywood Studio’s “Chloe” line for publication  (which I can’t show you yet), and I’ve decided to use leftover fabric to make a table runner for my Dad’s wife. Connie loves fresh flowers and the color pink, so I believe these fabrics will remind her of spring and summer during the cold winter months. Her birthday is in early November, but if I don’t make that deadline, I can aim for Christmas.

Please comment below with the projects you plan to make for holiday gifts this year. I’ll be asking for photos of your progress, so sew with your camera or smart phone handy.

3 thoughts on “Fourth Quarter Challenge

  1. I have a lofty goal of 5 homemade gifts by December/January!!! My favorite neighbors just so happen to be from Australia and in January they are heading back to the land down under. I have planned a gift for Wendy and her 4 daughters to remember me by. Fingers crossed this procrastinator can get it done.

  2. I have completed 3 quilts for Christmas, 2 of the Texas Rangers, different patterns. and one with cactus and southwest items. These are for grandchildren, and are done including the labels.

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