Quilting Quickly Magazine Winner

Congratulations to Jennifer Johnston for winning a copy of the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Quilting Quickly. This is the Fons & Porter magazine which features quilt projects made from pre-cuts. In fact, the magazine will change its name to Pre-cut Patchwork with the Jan/Feb 2019 issue.

If your newsstand is sold out of this awesome holiday issue, click here to link to The Quilting Company website and order a copy.

Thanks to all of you who commented with a favorite activity or game your family or group plays during the winter holidays. I’ve collected all the ideas for you to read; maybe you’ll adopt one or two for your celebrations this year.

After setting up the Christmas tree, play Monopoly. English crackers/snapper favors at the beginning of the dinner. The game Left, Right, Center with money or lottery ticket prizes. Board games and Bunco. Making candy together – chocolate covered butter toffee was a favorite. Playing music at a church service. A poem with many “rights” and “lefts” as the way to pass gifts at a quilt guild party. Ring in the New Year with a month by month timeline of momentous events throughout the past year. Fireworks at midnight. 

And now for a little eye candy . . .

As you know, my quilted table runner, “Chroma Keys,” was featured in Quilting Quickly.

I also replicated the design with a package “Hearthside Holiday” of 5″ squares. Whereas the colors of “Chroma Keys” move from one end of the runner to the other, the matching fabrics of “Hearthside Holiday” work outward from the center. No matter the way you configure your rectangles and squares, I hope you’ll try this quick and easy pattern. If you do, please send me a picture! (aby.quilts@gmail.com)

The Four Point Star design that I used when making the “Jolly Holly Days” runner (also featured in the magazine) can work wonderfully as a full quilt design. My friend Judy B. made this lovely quilt.

Happy Sew/Quilting!

One thought on “Quilting Quickly Magazine Winner

  1. I love all of these quilts! And now starts the hunt for an issue. Sometimes Walmart, sometimes Harris-Teeter. But I will find it. The problem with ordering a copy is the postage is as much as the magazine.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mary Ed

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