The Mystery of the Holiday Quilt–Clue #4

Momentum is building and folks are guessing . . . what will the Holiday Quilt look like? I hope you are squeezing time into your busy schedule to sew along on the Holiday Quilt I designed for The Quilting Company. The clues are posted on The Quilting Company’s blog toward the end of each week (Thursday/Friday). Click here to link to Clue #4 – you can make speedy Flying Geese units by following the instructions.

If you are sewing along, I hope you will join the Facebook page (#TQCMysteryQuilt) and show pictures of your fabric selection and sewn units.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Holiday Quilt–Clue #4

  1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to add directions for the mystery quilt on e-mail. I appreciate
    all of your interesting and helpful advise about quilting. Now, I just must schedule time to quilt each day.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Ellie Paquette

    • You are welcome, Ellie. I hope you have time in the new year to make the mystery quilt – which is no longer a mystery for you since you know what the project looks like in the end.

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