Hot Air Balloons for Twins

The Tarheel Quilters Guild members make 36″ – 40″ square quilts to give to premature babies in the NICU of Cape Fear Hospital. As you can imagine, twins are often born early and need extra medical help prior to leaving the hospital. To meet the need, I wanted to make two quilts, nearly identical, for twin boys.


When Trinity visited earlier in the month with her stack of quilt tops, we quilted and bound “the easiest baby quilt ever.” It’s a design that allows a large scale print, rather than intricate piecing, to do the talking. What a fun idea for twin quilts! A yard of hot air balloon fabric, stashed for several years, was perfect for this project. Each quilt used about a half yard of the theme fabric plus several strips in varying widths of coordinating fabric. We added interest with bands of Four Patches.

I quilted clouds of “E’s and 3’s” all over with light blue thread.

After binding, these cheerful quilts are ready to give to twin baby boys.

3 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons for Twins

  1. Love these quilts! Can we get the measurements to make them for UNC? Thanks, Aby. Been snowed/ iced in for 3 days!
    Mary Ed

  2. These are precious Aby! I love twin boys!!! My twin boys did not require any time in a NICU, thank God, but I would have adored matching quilts.

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