4th Quarter Challenge Wrap-Up

The fourth quarter of 2018 has come to a close, and, with it, our fourth quarter challenge finds closure. The challenge for this quarter was completing gifts for friends and family. The two gifts I determined to complete were placemats for my dad and step-mom and the Christmas tree skirt for my friend.


It feels great to have achieved my goal and to have made something beautiful for family members as well as a friend!

Marni sent a picture of her rendition of “Night Lights,” my wall quilt design that was published in the December/January 2019 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts. She enlarged the quilt to 103″ x 103.” King size! It was a wedding gift for her son and his wife. Due to time constraints, she tied (rather than quilted) the quilt – the wedding was at the end of December. What a great, time-saving idea – enlarge a favorite quilt block to giant size for a bold, one block quilt! Thanks for sharing a picture of your quilted gift, Marni.

I wonder if you have pictures of your completed gift projects to share with blog readers? If so, please send them to me: aby.quilts@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. Aby, I’m looking for rules for a Round Robin quilt for my quilt group. Do you have anything in your library?
    Ruth Lofgren

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