McCall’s Magazine Winner

I hope you have not been holding your breath, wondering if you won the May/June issue of McCall’s Quilting. I promised to draw a name from those who commented on May 1, and here it is, May 8. My only excuse is that we had a 4 year old guest for a week, and planning fun things to do with her consumed my time and energy.

All the replies to my question, “What is your most treasured quilt?” were delightful to read. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Click here to see what fellow blog readers wrote.

The winner of the drawing is SoCalQOV who wrote, “My Aunt Marge was cleaning out storage and found a quilt dated 1923. It was a friendship block quilt signed and embroidered by many ladies. She found one signed ‘Alice’ (my grandmother) and another signed ‘Mother’ (my great-grandmother!) My older Aunt Annabel didn’t even know her Mom and grandmother were quilters as she was 10 years older than Marge and gone from home by then. Marge even remembers playing under the quilt while on the frame as the ladies worked. Since they know I am a quilter, I got to inherit it!”

What a very special quilted treasure!

I especially appreciated the comment by Janet T., “My favorite quilt is the one I am working on at the moment. I put my all into it: picking out the best fabric, colors, pattern; planning the sequence of cutting, piecing, etc. thru to the finish. Then I go on to my next favorite treasure.”

Thanks for your perspective, Janet!

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