D is for David

And D is for Dinosaur.

Our little grandson David loves dinosaurs. And he loves stomping around and saying “Rawr” at every opportune moment. How does a three-year-old memorize the long identifying names of prehistoric lizards?

I found the perfect dino fabric at Sew There! Quilts and More in Angier, NC. The fabric was designed by Jenny Newland/Art Licensing Int’l for David Textiles, Inc. I selected three coordinating tonal fabrics of different textures: red, blue, and gold. A simple patchwork design allows the dino fabric to do the talking. Inspiration for the pieced blocks came from Trinity’s nautical themed quilt made last fall for her nephew, Kingston. Click on the blue and white quilt to zoom in for closer inspection.

Desiring a twin size quilt that David can grow into, I enlarged the cut sizes from 2 1/2″ squares to 3″ squares. I cut blue and gold strips 3″ wide and strip-pieced Nine Patches that are 8″ unfinished. I cut red strips 2 1/2″ wide for frames around the Nine Patches; this yielded 12″ blocks, unfinished. Next, I cut the dinosaur print into 12″ squares and alternated them with the framed Nine Patches. Both my quilt and Trinity’s are 5 blocks by 7 blocks.

The quilting motif resembles contour plowing with some interspersed swirls. I quilted the edge to edge design with periwinkle blue thread, and bound the quilt with red tonal fabric.

The birthday party was this afternoon, and it was so much fun to see David pull his quilt from the wrappings and immediately begin playing with it. This totally surprised me because he received lots of toy dinosaur figures which I felt sure would eclipse a “blanket” from grandma. He played “peek-a-boo,” and “tent” from which he emerged with a “RAWR.”


D is for Dinosaur, D is for David, and D is for Delighted grandma!

5 thoughts on “D is for David

  1. Happy birthday, beloved David! He’s a handsome lil dino! Perfect quilt from perfect fabric and the sweetest Gramma ever!

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