Appliqué on the Go

Hubby and I are driving from North Carolina to Texas to visit our daughter and her family. We have two strategies for helping the long miles pass quickly. We are listening to an engrossing book on CD about George Washington, and I am hand appliquéing leaves on a white background. I plan to make 12 blocks to exchange with the ladies in the sewing group that meets on Wednesdays at church. Since the 6″ exchange blocks are to be of a Christmas theme, I am thinking of appliquéing a red print yo-yo in the center of the block and adding a cute button on top of the yo-yo.

If you were in our block exchange, what block pattern would you make?

14 thoughts on “Appliqué on the Go

  1. I would probably make a star of some kind. Yours is going to be so pretty. I love to listen to audiobooks too. Hugs,

  2. Your blocks will look great! I might change out the orange peels for green holly leaves.
    I listen to audiobooks while I sew.
    Travel safely!

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