Beth’s Round Robin Quilt

From January to July, I participated in the Tarheel Quilters Guild’s round robin. You can see my quilt here and Irene’s quilt here.

Today, I’ll share pictures of Beth’s quilt which I enjoyed working on.

Here is the block Beth submitted as the center of her medallion style quilt. She made it with a pack of 2 1/2″ mini charm squares.

I thought long and hard about what style of border would add interest to this block of “just squares.” I decided to remove the outer border of light gray, turn the block on point and add applique on the light gray triangles. I used several of the colored squares from Beth’s border as centers for my hexagon flowers. Adding applique dressed up the quilt, adding a light airiness and meaning to the solid center.

Four more borders were added by other round robin participants, and here is the result.

Click the picture to zoom in to see the wonderful swirling stars, the framed Four Patches, and the scrappy Nine Patches on point (which marvelously echo Beth’s central patchwork). Beth is working out a scheme to tie the very wide outer border into the other design motifs. Since she is a master longarm quilter, I suggested that she develop an intricate quilting design perhaps in colorful thread.

All the round robin participants are supposed to bring their quilts to our October guild meeting in whatever state they are in. That means I need to elevate my quilt to the top of the “just get ‘er done” list because it would be awesome to have a finished quilt to show my friends.

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