“Cabin in the Pines” Published!

Have you seen the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine? It is chock full of lovely bed quilt designs; you’ll have a difficult time selecting which one to work on first! I am happy to tell you that my queen size quilt, “Cabin in the Pines,” is included in the issue.

When designing this quilt, I thought about traditional quilt designs of things settlers would see or need in the North Woods: pine trees, wagon wheels, bear paws, log cabins, and the north star. The fabric for this lovely quilt is “Wildflower Woods” designed by Evonne Cook for P & B Textiles. All the fabrics in the line are wonderful, and it was a challenge to select which fabric would show to best advantage in the various parts of the design.

When making and quilting this quilt, I employed two techniques that saved time and eliminated frustration. First, I used an overlay applique technique rather than piecing curves. Do you see the Fans (or quarter Wagon Wheels) in the four corners of the Pine Tree block? Each Fan is composed of five wedges and a quarter circle. I sewed the five wedges together and pressed the seams open. Rather than piecing the curves, I placed and pinned each wedge unit and pink quarter circle in a corner of the Pine Tree block, slightly overlapping the curved edges. Then I made black bias strips to cover the raw edges of the curves. Pinning well, I sewed along both edges of the black bias strips. (More detailed instructions with diagrams are in the magazine issue.)

The second aggravation-eliminating technique involves the flange. Between the Bear Paw border and the Log Cabin border is a narrow flange of black print fabric. Although flanges add a decorative 3-D accent to quilts, they also add difficulty for the quilter because the machine foot frequently catches the flange and flips it in the opposite direction. To overcome this difficulty, prior to quilting, I machine basted the flange to the underlying quilt top with contrasting thread. After quilting, I simply removed the long, basting stitches with a seam ripper.

I quilted the quilt with an old gold thread which adds texture to the light areas of the quilt and blends nicely with the browns, greens, pinks, and blacks of the patchwork design and borders. For the quilting design, I selected “Abigail,” a pantograph designed by Sarah Ann Myers and distributed by Urban Elementz.

If your newsstand is sold out of this issue, you can order a digital copy from The Quilting Company. Click here to link to the page.

I have designed many quilts this past year, but in my estimation, this is the prettiest. It is destined to be a personal favorite!

In a comment below, tell about a favorite quilt you have completed (or are still working on).


18 thoughts on ““Cabin in the Pines” Published!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! The back story on the fabric for this quilt is that I designed it with a new line, Dargate Jellies, in mind. But by mistake, none of the up and coming fabric was put on the airplane, it all traveled to the States via the slow boat from China. So I couldn’t obtain the fabric in time to meet my magazine deadline. I had to recolor the quilt with this totally different style of fabric – but I do love the results. IMO – the 2 x 4 Flying Geese would show up better had I used a darker fabric. I also could have made them larger and decreased the width of the surrounding borders. Ah, well, hindsight is better than foresight. I look forward to seeing your “Cabin in the Pines.”

  1. I chuckled when reading my magazine. I saw the center tree and immediately thought, “This looks like something Aby would make.” And I was right!

  2. This quilt is so lovely, Aby❣️ I like the fabrics you chose and that beautiful blossom featured in the center of the tree. I remember you teaching us your method of applique for Grandma’s fan back in Germany. Trinity, your framed photo on the wall is amazing.

  3. Aby, you have done it again! I love the quilt. I was traveling out west and came across the Fons and Porter Quilt magazine when I saw the quilt on the cover and was immediately drawn to it. At my surprise, it was your quilt! Of course, I bought the magazine to obtain the pattern. This will be a new project for me. Beautiful!!

  4. Help-my sister and I want to make this quilt. we have pattern but cannot find this collection of fabric?? Where can we purchase the Cabin in the Pines quilt.

    • Deb, search online for the “Wildflower Woods” fabric line from P & B Textiles designed by Evonne Cook. The line was slated to ship to quilt shops in December, so ask nearby shop owners if they ordered this gorgeous line of fabric. You may find equilter.com and fabric.com as well as Missouri Star Quilt Company and Fat Quarter Shop helpful in your quest. You could also “contact” P & B via their website to ask for names of stores that ordered this line of fabric. Thank you for your interest!

  5. love this quilt,i am trying to make it.i am at the cutting stage and i have a question the small br floral where it says cut 2 strips 3 in wide and sub cut 12 L 12 what ?

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