“Frolic” Mystery – a Beginning

Are you frolicking along with Bonnie K. Hunter’s online 2019 mystery? Click here to link to quiltville.com  “Frolic” mystery info page. Bonnie typically posts fabric requirements around Halloween and Clue 1 goes live on Black Friday. We quilt mystery lovers expect a clue each Friday until around New Year when the mystery is revealed.

I have been too busy with other projects to sew the mysterious clues for the past several years, but this year I’m joining in. I made a deal with myself . . . if I finished 4 UFOs in November, I would consider my slate clear enough to begin a new project. So here we are, and, once again, I find myself short on time. Last evening, knowing Clue 2 would be published today, I spent a couple of hours cutting and strip-piecing for Clue 1. There’s more sewing to do as you can see from the photo, but I’m not going to peek at Clue 2 until I’ve finished Clue 1!

If you’d like to join in the fun, please do; it’s not too late. You can catch up, or you can make a smaller quilt as Bonnie explains in her preliminary instructions.

7 thoughts on ““Frolic” Mystery – a Beginning

  1. December is so very busy, I can’t imagine throwing a quilt of this magnitude in the mix! But, I look forward to seeing your finished product Aby!

  2. Bonnie’s mysteries are addicting. The directions are clear and even though there are lots of pieces, she gives lots of tips and those paint chips she shares for color matching or ideas are helpful. I got as far as pulling fabrics from my stash.

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