Kay’s “Chandelier” Quilt

My friend, Kay, signed up for the “Chandelier” quilt class I taught at Sew There! in Angier last month. The quilt was designed by Vanessa Goertzen and published in her book, Charm School, 18 Quilts from 5″ Pre-cut Squares. The quilt is very popular owing to its visual appeal and easy construction. You will find many “Chandelier” pictures on Pinterest and other online sources. For example, here is a picture of my “Chandelier.”

Kay decided to make a quilt for her expected grandson in colors and fabrics approved by her daughter. It is amazing how color and value placement change the appearance of a design. After making the blocks, Kay arranged and sewed them together, randomly intermingling mint green blocks with those of  low volume print. But we didn’t like the effect; our eyes kept jumping around, trying to make sense of the design. So Kay un-sewed the blocks and arranged like fabrics in vertical columns. The quilt looks more organized and cohesive this way because all the fabrics are of similar (light) value.

Kay passed her quilt top to me for quilting, and I quilted an allover design of freehand spirals with gray thread. The circular spirals add movement and a softening texture that contrasts nicely with the angular patchwork pieces.

Kay is all set to snuggle her new grandson, and he will have a warm treasure from his loving Grandma!


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