“Nine Patch” Potholders

My grandson has already begun his Christmas vacation from school. We are “hanging out” today at his house while his parents work. Before leaving home this morning, I packed a bag of projects destined to interest a little boy on a rainy day. We made some tree ornaments and dipped pretzels in chocolate before tackling the sewing project.

I am helping Aidan make two “Nine Patch” potholders, one for his mom and another for his other grandmother whom he will visit at Christmas. Aidan arranged 3″ squares into two blocks and manned the Featherweight’s foot control while I fed pieces under the presser foot. He snipped between the sewn pieces with precision, and we played Tug o’ War to turn the potholders right side out. I poked out the potholder corners and hand stitched the turning opening closed. After a quick press, we added a bit of quilting so the layers won’t shift when the potholders are washed.

Won’t his mom and grandma be surprised and pleased when they open Aidan’s handmade gifts?

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