“Sisters” QAL – February

Have you been looking forward to today? I have! The February block of the “Sister’s” Block of the Month Quilt Along goes live. You will find a link for the instructions under the “Sisters BOM QAL” tab in my blog’s header. “Twin Star” is the name of this month’s block. If you stare at the black triangles, you notice the “Friendship Star” spinning counter clockwise; if you focus on the lilac triangles, you see another “Friendship Star” spinning clockwise. Thus the name, “Twin Star.” I know you will enjoy making the 12″ “big sister” as well as the 6″ “little sister.”

You need three fabrics plus a background for the blocks. I used the same red, lilac and black fabrics in both blocks, but I varied their placement. Consider fussy cutting the center squares of your blocks from a theme print. Allow that flower, or bee, or bicycle to take center stage and become the focus of your block. Choose two additional fabrics (tonals or small scale prints) for the star points of the blocks. And as for the patchwork  – you’ll learn a technique for making and squaring up quarter square triangles.

Easy, peasy, but be careful! It’s all too easy to inadvertently rotate a triangle unit.


Be sure to post your success or questions in a comment below. If you have an Instagram account, post a picture of your blocks using the hashtag #sistersqal.

Just wondering . . . are any of you a twin with a birthday in February?

6 thoughts on ““Sisters” QAL – February

  1. I am not a twin, but I do have twin boys! And guess when their birthday is??? February 22!
    So excited to make twin star!
    I do think I need to have a more precise 1/4 seam allowance, as I mentioned my half square triangles just weren’t as perfect as I imagined they would be! I will try the painters tape trick you showed me a few years ago!

  2. I saw your email immediately this morning but made myself go through all the other emails (about 15) first so I could savor the reveal! Off to get started before hubby is up wanting breakfast!

  3. I’ve made this star block before so I was excited to try out your version. I do have to say I did the 6″ little sister with the variation of colors and didn’t like it at all so I went back to choose my colors to match the 12″ big sister. I love the contrasts I’ve chosen and I’m still on a “theme” with my January colors. I’m just worried about how I’ll keep picking fabric scraps as the months rack up but that is definitely part of the challenge that makes this so fun! Thanks for running the QAL for us.

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