“Chandelier” at the Ark Encounter

Last weekend, Hubby and I accompanied a busload of folks from several Ft. Bragg chapels to the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. We were impressed with the sheer size of the structure, built according to the dimensions God gave Noah (Genesis 6). It was eye-opening to read the listed scientific names of all the animals, extant and extinct, and to realize that they all could have fit on an ark of this size!

The interior of the ark was crafted from beautiful timber, and cages housed models of dinosaurs. We watched several films and read many plaques as we walked through the largest timber-frame structure in the world. Our imaginations were stirred as we considered how Noah’s family must have felt to hear rain drumming on the roof for 40 days and nights. How tired they must have been to care for all those smelly and demanding animals day in and day out for a year!

For the long bus trip I packed a lap quilt made from leftover blocks from my “Chandelier” quilt. After hand stitching the binding on the way to Williamstown, I used it as a pillow or lap warmer on the way home.

The Ark Encounter is an adventure we will long remember!

3 thoughts on ““Chandelier” at the Ark Encounter

  1. Love this quilt, and so appreciate hearing about “The Ark” experience. I am anxious to go to see this for myself. Can’t even imagine the feelings that this massive structure and the Bible Scriptures about the ark Christians must feel in this special reconstruction.

  2. Good morning Abby and Ran. Good picture of you two. That had to be amazing to be in and see. Hope all are doing well. I have a sinus infect but meds are helping. He and I did s lot of work on the old farm house. I try to help him when I can.some help is better than none. Your quilts are all amazing. When I find it I have a top that Anna did I would like you to quilt for me. Love to all Darla

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