“Twin Star” Check Up

Jane-ellen’s “Twin Stars”

How are you doing on your “Twin Star” blocks? Have you made the “big sister” and the “little sister” for this month? Since it’s a leap year, you have an extra day this month to “git ‘er done.” On February 29th, I’ll give you the opportunity to comment “done” if you have finished your blocks for the QAL. (If you are unsure what I’m writing about, click the tab “Sisters BOM QAL” for all the details. It’s not too late to join the fun!)

Carol’s “Twin Star” blocks

Since Quilt Along participants are now adept at making triangle units, I want to suggest several other patchwork blocks which use 4 “Twin Star” triangle units. (Use the same measurements as well as cutting and sewing tips listed in the instructions for the 12″ “Twin Star” block.)

First up is “Hope of Hartford.” To make a 10″ block, cut a 2 1/2″ square for the center and four 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles of background fabric. To assemble the block, you will use a partial seam technique around the gold center square. Wouldn’t this coloring of “Hope of Hartford” make a pretty Christmas quilt?

“Pinwheel” is a simpler design which also uses 4 of the triangle units per block. The block finishes at 8″ square. I love the interest that two colorings of the block creates in the quilt. Additionally, you can use the triangle units in a pieced border. Since several blog readers regularly make quilts to honor veterans, I have sketched an idea using 30 “Pinwheel” blocks to make a sizable Quilt of Valor.

What other color combinations could you use when making a “Pinwheel” quilt?


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