Sisters Sewing “Sisters”

Meet Shirley, Elaine and Lois. They are sisters of the “baby boomer” generation. They live in Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona, and all three enjoy making quilts.


Interestingly, I met Elaine and Lois at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium several years ago. Symposium, no longer extant, was a yearly state-wide retreat for quilters; it attracted local and national teachers. I offered courses in traditional quilt making, and that’s what they were interested in learning. It was so much fun to meet and interact with them!

According to Shirley, the Arizona sister, Elaine and Lois roped her into the “Sister” block of the month quilt along. “We text off and on all day and share pictures of our projects.¬† Makes me feel just a little bit closer!”

Thanks, ladies, for sharing pictures of your March “Churn Dash” blocks. I love seeing the different fabric palettes you’ve selected; your quilts will be beautiful!

Leave a comment if your sister is sewing “Sisters” with you.


3 thoughts on “Sisters Sewing “Sisters”

  1. Always am wishing I had someone to sew with. Good thing you are doing this sew along so I do in fact have others to sew with. Thank you for the patterms. Love seeing how those gals are working together while apart.

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