A Few Current Projects

I think I have too many proverbial irons in the fire, too many projects going at once. I need to finish up a few . . . before I am tempted to start a few more.

First up is my “Irish Chain.” It’s going together quickly since all the Nine Patches were made months ago. Why did I think it would take so long to finish this project? Why did I procrastinate? I am putting the quilt together in two halves, working from the corners to the center. Once both halves are finished, I’ll join them with the final long seam.

I started Edyta Sitar’s mystery quilt four days ago (Laundry Basket Quilts). So far I’m keeping up with the clues, making 4 or 8 blocks per day. The “Ruby” line by Maywood Studio is making such an elegant quilt.

On the design wall are my blocks of “Hello Spring,” the block of the month program I’m facilitating for Sew There! quilt shop in Angier, NC. I have about 10 more simple blocks to make before putting the quilt together.

What projects are you working on while sequestered at home?

15 thoughts on “A Few Current Projects

  1. My ongoing puzzle… a tee-shirt quilt, started by my friends mom. She cut the tees way down, some without a 1/4” seam allowance and all pretty wonky. Lots of issues… the puzzle pieces are not coming together. Every time I think it’s finally getting somewhere, there is another seam that has to be adjusted! NOT a fun quilt but it’s going to be fabulous when finished!

  2. I’ve been working on the Stashbuster 2020 blocks.(double four patch) Fun and easy. I also just finished Scott Flanigan’s Bonfire but have changed the name to Stash Eater since it really ate up my 2 1/2 x 6 1/2″ pieces. I messed up the design so I’m calling it my variation of his pattern. I’m also slowing working my way through a bargello and a purse kit I bought in 2014!

      • I think Darla meant the space that looks like a stripe across your first photo, the Irish Chain quilt. I wondered what the “banner sash” was too until I realized it was just two pieces you hadn’t connected yet and I was seeing your floor behind it.

        Or I could be wrong and she meant the banner graphic on your blog 🙂

        Sarah at An Heirloom in the Making

  3. I like your mystery blocks. Am working on quilting some tops that are long over-due to be finished and am also keeping up with Moda’s blockhead blocks along with some other BOMs.

  4. I did actually start and nearly finished my own pattern/creation of a “Hello Spring” lookalike…I want to “unsew” something and change it but otherwise I’m pretty happy with my version. I loved how there were different techniques in the pattern.

    I’m also working with a group on Facebook making fabric “over masks” for frontline healthcare workers to wear OVER their N95 filters/masks to prolong the lifespan of these limited PPE materials. I’ve made a pattern now with a slot for an N95 to be inserted between the two layers like a pocket and with a makeshift “nose pinch” sewn into the top (a surgeon in the group suggested we use pipe cleaners and they work great as a nose pinch!)

    Lastly, for a change of pace, I’m tentatively and slowly designing how to create a quilt out of precious tee shirts a lady at my church entrusted to me to memorialize for her. She keeps saying to just go for it but you know how it is, measure 3 times, cut once and then regret it so I’m holding off as long as possible HAHA but the fabrics she and I selected are just so gorgeous I really want to work with them!

    Sarah at An Heirloom in the Making

      • I’ve been trying not to leave my home at all during the Coronavirus outbreak, all the way back to when I think I had it in late January, early February. There’s only so much cooking and baking one person living alone can reasonably do!

  5. My favorite block on the “Hello Spring” pattern was the “X” with the bowtie center and butterfly appliqued in the center. What was your favorite out of all the blocks, Aby?

    Sarah at An Heirloom in the Making

      • I used my love embroidery when I was younger but after about age 50 my eyes started failing and then arthritis started setting and now I can’t manage to embroider more than few stitches I. A straight line but i did like doing appliqué birds instead 😁 I used a fainter pink tonal to give the ghost effect on those blocks.

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