“Unity” QAL Progress

I am quilting along with Bonnie K. Hunter who designed a medallion quilt to spark our creativity as we stay at home. Bonnie blogs at quiltville.blogspot.comClick here for links to the introduction and subsequent instructions which are posted each Monday. Do you see the blue and gold print I used in the diamond shapes of the Part 2 border? I received 1/3 yard of this fabric at a retreat last September with the challenge to use it by the time of our next retreat. I am happy it fits in so well with the other fabrics I’ve chosen for the “Unity” QAL.

Over the weekend I finished Part 3 – -36 tiny stars. I expanded Bonnie’s suggested palette of red, white, aqua, and blue by adding green, yellow, orange, and purple. By adding these hues, I’m planning ahead. At some point in the QAL I want to incorporate multi-colored “Shoo, Fly, Shoo” blocks made for Bonnie’s “Leader/Ender” challenge this year. (Click here to read about the challenge.) Adding some color to Part 3 will make the quilt more cohesive when I add the scrappy blocks down the road.

I’m ready for Part 4. Are you quilting along?

2 thoughts on ““Unity” QAL Progress

  1. I’ve been following Bonnie Hunter’s blog almost as long as I’ve followed yours. And I really like a lot of her quilts. But with the Unity quilt, I didn’t get too excited. For me, color is what catches my eye and draws me in to wanting to sew a quilt pattern. But after seeing what you did with just your center, and that little bit of color variation, I’m now getting inspired. Love what you did!.

    • Thank you, Jane-ellen. I have been amazed at the color variations of “Unity” on Instagram. For example, one quilter used eggplant as the background instead of white, and the patchwork features lime green.

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