McCall’s QQ Magazine Winners

We have two lucky winners for the best of McCall’s Quick Quilts:  Luann and Lola. Congratulations, ladies! I know you will find a quilt that you “must” make in this magazine.

If you didn’t win this time and would like a magazine, click here to link to the Quilting Daily store. A digital copy is only $5.99.


2 thoughts on “McCall’s QQ Magazine Winners

  1. I am fortunate to quilt with a group of like minded women. One of the ladies in the group tried your Magical Squares pattern in the May/June 2020 Quiltmaker magazine. Now we all want to make one. I am donating mine to Victoria Quilts and they request that the size be aprox. 50″ x 70″. Would I still cut the quilt in the same way if I make it wider by one block and longer by two blocks?

    • Hi Sandra,
      The easy answer to your question about cutting a straight set quilt to transform it into an on-point set quilt is YES. Follow the basic directions and diagrams for Magical Squares in the magazine.

      After experimenting with cutting and taping computer grid print outs, I believe the straight set that would yield the 50″ x 70″ size you are aiming for is 7 blocks across (horizontal) and 10 blocks down (vertical). A 7 x 10 grid would yield a 42″ x 59″ patchwork for the quilt interior. Adding borders would increase the measurements to about 50″ x 70″ depending on your border widths.

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