“Quilt & Tell” Podcast

Exciting news . . . I am the guest on episode #33 of the “Quilt & Tell” podcast, produced by Quilting Daily, the company that publishes many of your favorite quilting magazines.

Here is a link to the podcast show notes: https://www.quiltingdaily.com/bonus-sewcial-distancing-episode-33-podcast/ Once on the site, locate the black rectangle and click the blue “play” triangle.

Tracy Mooney, a magazine editor and the podcast host, recently celebrated her 50th birthday. To surprise her, I emailed many of her quilting friends and colleagues asking that they make and send “Charmville” house blocks to be presented to her during the podcast. The overwhelming surprise brought tears of joy!

For my podcast appearance, the editors asked me to share things to consider when planning group quilts such as birthday blocks for a friend. I included tips from Judy, Pam, and Lori and created a document for the show notes.

I hope you’ll take time to listen to the podcast!

If you’d like to see more “Charmville” quilts, just type “Charmville” in the search box of this blog.

3 thoughts on ““Quilt & Tell” Podcast

  1. I took time to listen to the podcast and it was so fun. I hope everyone who follows your blog gets a chance to listen to it! Good info too if you have not been in a group that does these sorts of things. It is so special to cheer someone or do a special group quilt for an important occasion.

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