Hearts for Baby

My nephew and his wife are expecting a baby girl next month, and I want to make a bright quilt for the wee one. At a quilter’s estate sale, I purchased a package of fifteen “Hello Jane” fat eighths (9″ x 21″ each). The line was designed by Allison Harris who blogs at Cluck Cluck Sew. I purchased Riley Blake polka dot prints as block backgrounds from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Hand appliqueing the hearts was a great movie-watching and relaxing-by-the-lake project. I cut the polka dot background rectangles at 6 1/2″ x 7,” but honestly, I should have cut them 6 1/2″ square. The smaller measurement would have given me some wiggle room when cutting the block frame strips and corner squares since some of the fabrics were not quite 9″ wide.

For each pair of blocks, I chose two coordinating fabrics that differ in color and texture, for example “floral print” and “red tone-on-tone.” The floral print was used for the heart and corner squares for the block framed in red, and vice versa. I cut the framing strips and corner squares 2″ wide.

To date, I’ve made the sixteen blocks. The next step is sashing and bordering them with light polka dot fabric.

Which fabric shall I use for cornerstones? (I do have an unused navy print; would that be too dark?) If you have an opinion, please leave it in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Hearts for Baby

    • Thanks, Diane. It is interesting that Jenn suggested warm colors, and you suggested cool colors. It would be fun to discover if both of you decorate or prefer warm/cool in most of your projects.

  1. I think you could use the navy but I agree with Diane – lavender or purple. What color is the sashing? A black and white print could also be more neutral.

  2. I love lavender but I think there’s already enough lavender, purple, blue, turquoise and would suggest either adding more gold/yellow or the one color missing: ORANGE! For the cornerstones, I mean.

    Personally, Aby, I don’t see any reason you need to add sashing. The blocks are already framed and I think adding polka dotted sashing will detract by making it too busy…that’s me. I would use plain white if you really feel you want sashing (or white tonal, even a white polka dot tonal!)

    I absolutely LOVE this quilt “as is” in the photo. Such a great pattern! Simple but cohesive. Thanks for sharing – I see a scrappy version from my stash in my future.

    • Thanks for your advice. I will lay out the blocks on the polka dot fabric to audition the look. I suppose I was thinking of using it because I ordered it for the project, and I have two unused half yard cuts. Lol

  3. Also to color balance and remove like fabrics from adjacent positions, I would switch two blocks: the top left corner (gold heart) and the one with the green heart and red print. Again, my OCD brain noticing things that don’t matter πŸ˜‰

  4. I like the 4 little squares as they come together with dashing. If it need to be larger, how about 2 or 3 borders with one using bars of the mixed prints.

  5. Maybe a thin white or off-white border first and then almost any color would work even your blue. Red is always nice too. This just popped in my head. It is really cute like it is. Maybe even just a color binding. πŸ™‚

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