“Chinese Coins”

For the past couple of weeks I have been sewing samples for my upcoming class on String Piecing Tips and Techniques at Sew There! Quilts and More in Angier, NC. I used a bundle of selvage end scraps from Pineapple Fabrics to make a sweet quilt for a little girl.

Hindsight is always better than foresight. After finishing the quilt top, I wished I had used a lighter pink for the sashing and borders, in keeping with the pastel nature of the prints. I am such a dyed in the wool high contrast quilter, always gravitating toward the darker hue. It is difficult for me to make a blendy quilt with all medium values.

To compensate for my darker-than-desired fabric choice, I used light pink thread so the quilting design would show up better. I like the way the dragonflies flit between the flowers. (The pantograph is “Dragonflies and Flowers” by Dave Hudson.)

Another “Chinese Coins” design class sample is a simple, colorful table runner. These strips are also selvage ends from Pineapple Fabrics.

To add some color in the border and texture overall, I chose a polyester Magnifico variegated thread and quilted freehand spirals. The circular spirals add movement and interest to the plain and straight patchwork.

Are you presently working on a string pieced quilt?

2 thoughts on ““Chinese Coins”

  1. These are pretty, Aby, the dragonfly is perfect for that little girl’s quilt. I confess, strings don’t speak to me at all.😆 I have been trying to pick out fabrics for my August Sisters blocks for three days now, and haven’t hit the right combination yet, or at least one that has enough of the fabric I chose!

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