“Bronco’s Star” Checkup

“Bronco’s Star” is the block design for August in the “Sisters” Quilt Along. Click on the “SISTERS BOM QAL” tab in the menu to navigate to the blog page containing links to download-able instructions for the 12″ and 6″ blocks, published January – August.

Sarah’s Bronco’s Star in Christmas colors

As August draws to a close, it’s time to remind you to finish your “Bronco’s Star” blocks . . . if you haven’t already completed them. On August 31, those who have completed the blocks have the opportunity to comment “Done!” And on September 1, instructions for the next blocks will be posted.

I am so proud of each participant. You are keeping up with the QAL despite the pandemic, the drastic changes in your schedules, and the demands of family life often entailing vacations, moves, and babysitting grandchildren.

For motivation and inspiration, here are more of Sarah’s blocks. She is making extra blocks each month; one set is Christmas-themed and the other is spring-themed and will be large enough for a queen size bed.

Her favorite coloring of the “Bronco’s Star” is in the bottom right corner; she loves how the yellows and oranges make a diagonal statement through the block. Looking at the “Star” in the bottom left corner, we both noticed that the diagonal statement is absent because the colors blend rather than contrast with each other. Green and blue are near each other on the color wheel and tend to blend, whereas yellow and purple are opposite on the color wheel, creating maximum contrast.

As you construct the “Sister’s” blocks, I hope you’re having as much fun learning about color and value as Sarah is!

5 thoughts on ““Bronco’s Star” Checkup

  1. Thank you so much for spotlight mention, Aby. I really am loving this QAL. I tried another (weekly/shorter) one this summer and didn’t like it as much as I have enjoyed yours. I learn something with each block from your instructions and I get to try out different colors to learn about impact as you noted. Just fun all around. Can’t wait for 3 more days till the next block! 🙂

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