“Pine Tree Point” Finished!

I am so pleased with my lap quilt sized “Pine Tree Point” quilt! The pattern was designed by Bonnie K. Hunter of quiltville.blogspot.com. Bonnie suggested that we add some teals/aquas for sparkle. The variation in greens really adds interest to the quilt. I modified her pattern by increasing the widths of both frames around the trees. I also used one fabric for green sashing instead of the string pieced sashing suggested by the pattern. I wanted a bright red for the frames and binding, but all the reds in my stash are on the burgundy side of the spectrum. I found a vintage red polka dot maxi A-line dress in stash inherited from my mother. After deconstructing the dress, I cut strips in the lengths I needed. As I began sewing and pressing, I determined that the fabric was a poly cotton blend rather than the 100 per cent cotton that I prefer. However, I used it anyway figuring that the fabric has already stood the test of time without fading.

It turns out that my sister-in-law loves the quilt in general and polka dots in particular, so I gave her the quilt at a small family gathering this past weekend.

Leave a comment below if you are making a tree quilt this season. (I like this pattern so much, I may make another; goodness knows I have plenty of green strips and strings!)

24 thoughts on ““Pine Tree Point” Finished!

  1. I wasn’t going to be making a tree quilt but I might now. When I saw the single block, I didn’t really care for it but now that I’ve seen the entire quilt I really like it. I don’t have a lot of green scraps but I have plenty of yardage.Thanks for the post to inspire another project. I only have about 9 projects going right now. 🙂

  2. I liked the blocks a week or two ago when you shared them but the assembled and finished quilt is just so much better!! Your choice of green for the sashing is just great. I love the way piano key borders look but OMG what a lot of work they are! You really made this lap quilt sparkle. I have 3 or 4 tree quilts “on file” in my “to do” folder but am already procrastinating too much!

    I have yet to put borders on and start quilting on my Christmas print “Sisters QAL” quilt (are you going to share photos of quilted Sisters quilts? by the way HAHA).

    instead, I have been working on piecing a “Christmas Cheer” quilt (designed by Corinne Sovey) I really think I should stay focused on finishing *something* before Christmas. Plus I still haven’t even started to piece the spring colors blocks for my second “Sisters QAL” quilt and my “imitation” Hello Spring quilt is still only 3/4 quilted so … yeah, I have too many projects going already and am itching to do some more charity quilts. Maybe I’ll make the Quilts for Kids charity a tree quilt 🙂 That would count, right? 🙂

    Gorgeous job on this one, Aby. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks, Wendy. The funny thing is I don’t remember my mom or any of us three girls wearing the dress. The zipper treatment and the seams looked homemade yet there was a tag at the neck of the dress. There was white piping accent in some of the seams. A mystery of its origin!

  3. I was on board to make a tree quilt for the “empty” wall in the dining room, for my next seasonal quilt, but I decided on red and white when I discovered a partial bolt of brilliant red leftover from when the local Suzuki School had red vests for uniforms, so I’m going to do Lisa Bonjean’s BOM from about five years ago.

  4. Love the sashing colors, it looks fabulous the way it ties together with border. I can see why your sister-in-law fell in love with the quilt.

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