2021 BOM Preview

Many of you are participating in the “Sisters” 2020 Block of the Month Quilt Along. And several of you have asked, “What are the plans for next year? Are you going to host another BOM?” Seeing your “Sisters” blocks from month to month and hearing that you have learned new patchwork skills has been so inspirational and rewarding! Your comments of applause to each other builds community; we all thrive on compliments. So, yes, I have planned a Block of the Month Quilt Along for blog readers in 2021!

I will post the particulars on January 1st, but here are some preliminary thoughts. January will be a planning month, the month to select fabrics and to think about the size quilt you want to make. Since many of you are not quite finished with the “Sisters” project, I feel it would be overwhelming to layer a new project on top of it. The final block for “Sisters” was published on December 1st, and then preparation for the holidays zoomed in to consume our sewing time. Therefore, we’ll use January as a catch-up month for “Sisters” and a prep-up month for “Options.”

I have selected ten 8″ patchwork blocks for the 2021 Quilt Along. They are all beginner friendly without curved seams, paper piecing, or applique. If you make one block per month, by November 2021 you’ll have enough for a table runner. Totally doable! Those of you with more patchwork experience and more time for quilting will be challenged to make more blocks per month, varying the patchwork colors and pieces of each block design. Here’s a sneak peek at “Churn Dash.” The block in the center is the primary design. Those surrounding it have been modified by adding patchwork in the center square or decreasing the width of the rectangular strips.

Churn Dash Options

I hope you are excited about joining the Quilt Along fun in 2021. I can’t wait to see the options you come up with for your quilt! If you are curious, additional details are on the “Options” BOM QAL page of this blog.

8 thoughts on “2021 BOM Preview

  1. Thanks, Aby! I am looking forward to another block of the month. Love my Sisters quilt (still needs to be quilting… someday)!

  2. Thanks so much Aby! I am also looking forward to this project. Have so regretted not participating in the previous year. Those quilts are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for doing this again for 2021. We may not always have a monthly meeting, but this does keep us connected.

  3. I’m hoping to make the December block on New Year’s Eve, as my December got way-laid by my mother needing surgery and us having to pack and move her apartment while she heals in a nursing home. As my “Sisters” will be a Christmas quilt, I hope to have it ready for Christmas 2021. I do look forward to another project for 2021!

  4. Merci Aby pour cette initiative.
    J’ai enregistré tous les blocs de “Sisters” pour les réaliser plus tard car j’ai beaucoup de courtepointes en attente de quilting.
    Je vais malgré tout jouer la “curieuse” et peut-être participer à ce BOM 2021 pour faire un chemin de table.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I just looked over the 2 PDFs you uploaded; how am I supposed to choose???!!! At least this time I will have seen the initial document and fabric requirements BEFORE starting to cut and quilt HAHA and I shall procrastinate through January because yes, I’m still working on my Sisters quilts but thank you for sharing the initial documents early so we have lots of time to make our decisions. I shared with my quilt guild, too 🙂

    (Southern Wake Quilt Guild)

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