Countdown to December BOM Finish

Just a little reminder that today is the day to make your Saw Tooth Star variation if you haven’t already. Because tomorrow, the 31st, is the day to comment “Done” and to be entered into a drawing for a free quilting magazine.

Sana’s December blocks

Several QAL participants have sent pictures of their completed quilt tops. It’s so exciting to see them come together with all the variations of fabrics and themes and colors!

Cindy M.’s “Sisters” quilt top

Karen’s batik quilt is stunning! She is so pleased with it.

Check out more pictures on Instagram at #sistersqal.

7 thoughts on “Countdown to December BOM Finish

  1. Well today I just started quilting my Christmas print version and I still have not even started choosing colors for the Sawtooth star in the spring colors version. Oh well. I have changed my mind about both quilts. I love the Christmas print one and will probably end up keeping it but I will price it realistically for the amount of work and quality of fabric and quilting I’m putting into it – usually I sell things so cheap they are a bargain and still get people “balking” at how expensive a handmade quilt is – so if someone wants to buy it, great and otherwise, I’ll stick to my original plan of keeping it for myself as my first-ever Christmas quilt.

    I’m so sorry about the death in your family, Aby, but it has turned into a real blessing in a way. Strange as that sounds, I know. It’s forcing all of us to take a breath, take a bit of time to step back and decompress from 2020 and not think too hard about the next “thing” until February. Thank you for posting information early; but thank you for taking the time you need and scheduling us all to start “late.” I’m finding my work is vastly improved by not rushing to the finish and being prayerful over it.

  2. Oh and I’m posting progress on #sistersqal on Instagram if anyone’s interested in quilting ideas. I’m doing a background stipple (since I don’t have a long arm, I’ve never done one before as it was always so daunting just to ponder doing one on a domestic machine!) I also did some messy snowflake stars / loops in the sashing and borders; actually I did the messy FMQ in the sashing first and then got stumped about how to quilt the blocks without “ruining” them as Lori Kennedy quilts site calls my favorite all-over stitch, the meander. I think of it as “puzzle pieces” not worms but I guess to each his or her own vision. LOL

  3. Unfortunately my rotary cutter and I had a run in Monday. Spent all day at the hospital. Saw the hand surgeon today. Crazy. I took a big chunk out of my thumb . No cutting for awhile. I was working on December. Trish

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