“Options” Photo Op

This afternoon was so lovely and sunny I decided to take my “Options” quilt to the former town hall of Lillington, NC for a photo shoot.

Lillington boasts some lovely architecture, but this is by far my favorite. Isn’t it grand? When we applied for the permits to build our retirement home several years ago, we came to this building, then the Chamber of Commerce. Changing its purpose once again, it will soon become the Lillington Museum.

I love the way the colors in my quilt coordinate with the colors of the old mansion. The red prints compliment the red bows on the wreaths. The white fabric echoes the painted columns and railings. The gray repeats the aging slate gray wooden porch floor boards, and black is the color of the roof shingles.

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the 2021 Block of the Month, “Options.” Background information can be found under the Options BOM QAL tab in the menu. January is the month to plan your quilt, gathering fabric and considering various settings for your blocks. Instructions for blocks will be posted February – November. I have added a document containing line drawings of all the blocks I have patterned for the Quilt Along. If you want to be surprised from month to month, don’t download the document. If, on the other hand, you like to plan your colors and fabric ahead of time, download the document and use colored pencils to plan the blocks you will make. (Thanks, Sarah Y. for this suggestion.)

9 thoughts on ““Options” Photo Op

  1. Lovely photo shoot. So glad to see homes like this saved instead of being torn down for a high rise. Love that quilt, Aby.

  2. Just for the record, I had already decided on the hourglass setting with alternate rows (forming the secondary pattern of a star) before I saw your finished Options sample quilt! I thought the b/w and grey and red were a nice combo in the PDF but they look sooo much better in real life on the porch railing with the bright sunlight. What a great photo opp this was! See? There are advantages to living in a small town like Lillington.

  3. Perfect setting for the quilt. Your quilt really turned out lovely. It will be a fun year seeing all the progress from participants.

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