“Pine Tree Point” 2.0

Several of you commented favorably on my Dec. 14, 2020 blog post on which I showed my “Pine Tree Point” quilt designed by Bonnie K. Hunter of quiltville.com. As I wrote, since my sister-in-law admired the quilt, I gave it to her as a Christmas gift. But I love the colors and design so much, that I made another one for Ran and me to enjoy.

It was fun to include scraps of yardage acquired throughout the years. The red print cornerstones are from my mom’s stash as is a sweet holly print from which she made cloth Christmas napkins for our family. I included scraps of a peppermint print from my mother-in-law’s stash which I also used this year as backing for snowman placemats. The spring green Celtic print was the backing of Bob and Melinda’s wedding quilt. Perhaps the funniest print of all is the Ninja Turtles lime green; these scraps are leftover from a quilt my granddaughter and I made for a little boy whose family’s home burned down several years ago. (Click here to read about the quilt.) All of these fabric scraps hold such poignant memories for me!

Although Bonnie’s design calls for only green prints in the border, I included some red strips to remind me of of the Piano Key border I added to another Christmas quilt I made and gifted to my granddaughter and her family. I chose the same snowflake quilting design as I used for the first “Pine Tree Point” quilt, but instead of using gold thread, I used lime green. I don’t think it is too obnoxious, do you?

Guess what . . . I still have green scraps! I just may have to make a table runner to accompany these pines.

4 thoughts on ““Pine Tree Point” 2.0

  1. Aby, this quilt is beautiful.  I just love the write-up about youused different people’s scraps and still have scraps leftover.  I think that happens to all of us.Karen T.:)

    • Thank you, Karen! The overall look of this quilt is fresh and pretty. But all the scraps invite a closer view…and that is when I notice the fabrics primarily used in other memorable projects.

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