“Block Party” Re-imagined

I enjoy making sampler quilts, and I am drawn to quilts with blocks of various sizes. I suppose it is the math and geometry that pulls me in. It is no wonder, then, that “Block Party” designed by Sharon Parcel and published in the May/June 2018 issue of Quiltmaker magazine attracted my interest. Sawtooth Stars, Churn Dashes, Shoo-Flies, Flying Geese, Four Patches, Nine Patches . . . and several more complicated designs all seemed fun and doable.

Block Party by Sharon Parcel

For fabrics, I selected several prints given to me by my friend Heather; (when she moved, she just couldn’t fit all her fabric in the moving truck.) The generous yard of yellow print would make a great border. The teal, yellow, and gray retro print could serve as a theme from which to draw prints of coordinating colors. I found a white background as well as grays and teals in my stash to complement those Heather gifted me. So I began with enthusiasm, making the 18″ Churn Dash.

Block Party Re-imagined

Next I made several Shoo-Fly blocks. Then I went off on a tangent and made my favorite block, Weathervane, and added Twin Star and a hand appliqued Orange Peel. I decided not to make the more complicated designs of “Block Party” and to abandon Sharon’s well thought out lay-out scheme. I made a few more simple blocks and designs that interested me, and then moved the project to the back burner. For three years!

Does this happen in your sewing room, too? Please tell me I am not the only one who falls in love with a quilt project, begins earnestly, and then . . . “squirrel” . . . my mind is off in other directions.

As we turned the calendar page from 2020 to 2021, I determined to finish this UFO. Upon inventorying my blocks, I realized that most were 6,” 9,” or 12.” Arranging them in columns by size seemed the easiest way forward. I added a frame to the 7″ Antique Tiles block, bringing it up to 9″ and placed the 6″ blocks in a row at the top of the quilt. Gray sashing ties all the blocks together and contrasts nicely with the yellow border print. (It is rather fitting to finish this quilt in 2021 because gray and yellow are the Pantone colors of this year.)

After deliberating on a quilting design, I noticed stars in the border print. Aha, Becker’s Shooting Star would be perfect! A pale yellow thread blends well with all the fabrics and adds texture to the white background. Block Party Re-imagined, with its spring daffodil color, is finished, and the success of completing this project is encouragement to tackle another UFO.

3 thoughts on ““Block Party” Re-imagined

  1. I love it! I especially like the color palette. Very cheerful. As to lingering projects, when I did only hand quilting I had a stack of quilt tops. Since I started machine quilting, (or using a long arm quilter) I’m able to keep up. I was always determined to not move UFOs. Now that we’re not moving, I keep a list of projects and get great satisfaction when crossing something off the list and dating the dramatic line through the entry.I will add an entry if I made something and it’s wasn’t on the list – just so I can cross it off! I may have 10 projects going at once but they all get done within 2-3 months. I’m expanding the sewing room to accomodate a long arm machine. Can you just imagine my increased productivity?

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