“Options” Block #3 – “Economy”

Hooray, it is April 1st, and the link for the instructions for Block #3 in our quilt along is on the “Options BOM QAL” page. No fooling! Click the tab in the menu to navigate to the page.

Economy, Simplified

When you read the instructions carefully, you will discover that I have simplified the measurements to make squaring-up easier. (Please read the instructions, and don’t just look at the diagrams and pictures . . . like I usually do.)

If you are an experienced quilter and “do the math,” you will maintain that the center square should be cut 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ in order to finish at 4″ x 4.” But using this proper measurement means that after adding the first round of triangles, you must square up to 6 1/8.” This is difficult to do, because you need to place the 3 1/16″ lines of the ruler on the center of the center square. So I have simplified the pattern by instructing you to cut a 4 1/4″ center square. After adding the four triangles, square up to 6″ (much simpler than 6 1/8″). Add the next round of triangles, and square up to 8 1/2.” Notice in the photo below that the seams joining the white triangles to the Four Patch do not exactly cross the corners of the squares; there is more than 1/4″ seam allowance causing the Four Patch to float.

One of the options for the Economy block involves making an Hourglass block for the center square. As you know, I prefer cutting triangles oversize and trimming the unit to the correct measurement after sewing them together. To that end, I have created an “how to” document for squaring-up Hourglass blocks. The link is on the “Options BOM QAL” page listed just before Block #1. These instructions will likewise be helpful if you opt for Hourglasses as alternate blocks for your quilt.

I hope you enjoy making Economy blocks for your “Options” quilt! Plan ahead when coloring your blocks. For my quilt pictured in the blog header, I needed to cut the outer (large) triangles from light background fabric to coordinate with the other blocks in the quilt. However, take a look at the quilt pictured below. Every other block is an Economy block with colorful large triangles. These colorful triangles nicely separate the other blocks that utilize light background fabric. The way you color your Economy blocks could hinge on the setting you are planning for all the “Options” blocks.

I would love to share a picture of your Economy blocks with blog readers. Send a photo to aby.quilts@gmail.com. You can also post a picture on Instagram with #optionsqal.

2 thoughts on ““Options” Block #3 – “Economy”

  1. April 1st surprise! Oops. I’m thinking you were so enthused about this block that you jumped the gun. 30 days hath September, etc

    I saw Trinity’s pattern in my Quiltmaker mag and the article that includes you. What a blessing! Thanks for doing these emails so we can learn from you! In Him, Charlie

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