Kay’s Marvelous Ocean Quilt

Do you remember seeing the “Marvel-ous” baby quilt on my March 29, 2021 blog post? It was made with Marvel super heroes fabrics, Four Patches alternating with large scale print squares. My friend Kay modified the design to make a thank-you gift for friends who hosted her and her husband on a recent trip to Florida.

To complement the décor of her hostess, Kay purchased a package of batik 2 1/2″ strips in teals and neutrals. From this pre-cut fabric, she strip-pieced Nine Patches. She cut alternate 6 1/2″ squares from a teal print that graphically resembles ocean waves. The white-on-white border separates the interior patchwork from the outer border. Kay happily reported that she pieced the lap quilt top in an afternoon.

We deliberated on an edge to edge quilting design and color of thread. “Dune” designed by Natalie Gorman and distributed by Urban Elementz gives the sense of ocean waves swirling and curling until they reach the shore. Since I do not have a teal thread that matches the border fabric, we selected a silver gray with a slight polyester shine. The gray also looks very nice on the back of the quilt which is mostly white. Kay is binding the quilt with white fabric, adding a perfect echo of the inner border.

If you need a marvelously quick and fun project, Kay and I both recommend this quilt design. You can easily strip-piece Nine Patches as Kay did, or you can strip-piece Four Patches as I did. Add a complementary quilting design to transform a simple quilt into a treasure.

5 thoughts on “Kay’s Marvelous Ocean Quilt

  1. I love this quilting motif! I had a tee shirt quilt customer who specifically wanted “waves” and we did swirls and hearts but this would’ve been perfect. Gonna have to remember this one! Thanks for sharing, Aby 🙂


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