“Economy” Block – Blog Readers Share

Several “Options” block of the month participants have sent pictures of their “Economy” blocks to inspire you.

First up is Marianne K. Although she has chosen a red and black fabric palette, her blocks look so different than mine. It is interesting to see the fabrics other quilters choose! What great fabric options, Marianne!

Maridee also sent a picture of her blocks. As an aside, Maridee also made her “Sisters” quilt with brown fabrics (plus green and red), perfect for their vacation cabin. You can see her quilt as well as other “Sisters” 2020 QAL quilts in a gallery following the links to instructions for the “Sisters” blocks on the “Sisters BOM QAL” page of this blog.

Look at the ways Helga opted to modify her blocks. The mini Log Cabin is perfect for the center square, and the appliqued red circle gives just the right spot of color.

Next up are blocks by Kelly. Aren’t the pastel fabric so soft and pretty? I can’t wait to see the entire quilt!

Sarah is a busy bee and made several “Economy” blocks before I posted the simplified measurements. She made a 4″ Sawtooth Star for the centers of two blocks which means she tackled the daunting task of squaring up the Square in a Square to 6 1/8.” Way to go, Sarah! The Sawtooth Star sure is precious as the option for the center of your “Economy” blocks!

Thanks for sharing, ladies! We are inspired! (I would love to show a picture of your “Economy” blocks. Email to aby.quilts@gmail.com.) Remember that if you finish your blocks and comment “Done” on the April 30th blog post, you will be entered in a drawing for a free quilt magazine.

By the way, Chris S. is the winner of the drawing for those who completed Block #2, “Ojo de Dios,” by March 31st! Congratulations, Chris!

2 thoughts on ““Economy” Block – Blog Readers Share

  1. I am loving Helga’s blocks each month! Almost a touch of Japanese art in there and the red dot off center definitely gives a Nippon flag feel to it. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt next winter!


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