Starring . . . Charity Quilts

At the end of March, I taught a workshop on Zoom for the Tarheel Quilters Guild. About a dozen of us tuned in at 9 a.m. with coffee cups and fabrics in hand. After chatting for a few minutes, I explained the basics of making “Scrappy Stars.” Incidentally, “Scrappy Stars” is the first block in this year’s QAL, “Options.” You will find links to instructions for this block on the “Options BOM QAL” page of this blog.

Instead of making individual blocks from 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles, most of us strip-pieced 2 1/2″ x 40″ background fabric strips together with colorful 2 1/2″ x 40″ strips and cross-cut them at 4 1/2″ intervals for a speedier finish. We checked in with each other via a second Zoom meeting at lunchtime. Everyone showed her progress, and I answered a few questions. We scheduled a final meet-up at 2 p.m., but technical difficulties beyond our control preempted our plans. Lesson learned: Schedule a 45 minute beginning Zoom session to tell all instructions and tips for the entire project.

Tarheel guild members enjoy making baby quilts for the NICU of our local hospital, and our “Scrappy Stars” workshop increased the number of quilts our charity chairwoman can offer these little ones and their parents.

I recently made Sawtooth Star baby quilt of leftover fabric from the “Hello Spring” BOM I facilitated at Sew There! Quilts and More in Angier, NC in 2020. The instructions for the Flying Geese units for “Hello Spring” yielded large “waste” triangles; I used these to construct star points for my baby quilt.

The center Sawtooth Star measured about 10″ square; I increased the size to 12″ with a narrow frame. This 12″ square became the center of a 24″ Sawtooth Star to which I added three borders, bringing the size to 36″ square. I quilted the “Happy Times” edge to edge design with light pink thread and bound the quilt with fuchsia tone-on-tone fabric. This was a quick and easy way to transform an orphan block into a baby quilt. I will definitely use this idea again!

3 thoughts on “Starring . . . Charity Quilts

  1. Hi, Aby!
    I love both of these quilts. We have gotten requests from the guild for baby quilts, so these will be perfect. Thanks for the patterns. I have watched Lori Holt’s videos and love her studio, even if the music drives me nuts. I envy how organized and clean her studio is.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.
    Mary Ed

  2. Hi Aby, The link in your post for Hello Spring BOM goes to an invalid search result page. However, it did make ,me wonder, did you finish the Hello Spring QAL quilt? Have you posted about it and I just missed it? I don’t recall seeing yours done, the posts for it just sort of fizzled out after April or May.

    I did finally (FINALLY!!) finish mine (my imitation made-up-myself version) including the quilting with a lot of custom quilting on nearly all of the motifs and a tiny leaf-and-loop filler stipple. Now I have to decide if I’m keeping it for myself or not. I really really like how it turned out–and would love to see how yours looks with the actual fabrics and actual pattern LOL


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