“Adventure Time” Published

Have you seen the May/June 2021 issue of Quiltmaker magazine? With insider information, I knew the theme of the issue would be “Raised by a Maker: Share Your Legacy.” I encouraged my daughter, Trinity Sanders, to submit an essay on the subject as well as one of her favorite toddler quilt designs. The editors accepted the essay and “Adventure Time” quilt! We are so excited!

Instructions for the quilt begin on page 32. Its contemporary vibe allows the fabric to do the talking. Trinity selected large scale and complementary medium scale prints, geometrics, and tone-on-tones from these Art Gallery Fabric lines: Serenity Fusion, Campsite, and Pine Lullaby. The various prints and textures will hold the interest of a youngster from babyhood through his or her elementary years. The 42″ x 55″ size is versatile from tummy time to naptime to TV viewing time.

Trinity’s essay begins on page 47 and tells what drew her to quilting and shows the first quilt we worked on together. You’ll also see pictures of her three children and the quilts they have helped to construct. It is so rewarding to have a daughter that is interested in my hobby and who wants to pass it on to the next generation. We appreciate one another for the comments and ideas as we tweak our quilt designs.

To illustrate the versatility of Trinity’s design, I made a quilt with blue and tan prints inspired by Japanese textiles. The fat quarters had been sitting on my fabric shelf for several years waiting for the perfect quilt design to showcase them. Adding a few more blocks, yet in the vein of Trinity’s design, yielded a larger quilt.

I chose a clamshell/gingko leaf quilting design designed by Kathie James. This design subtly reinforces the Japanese theme of the fabric, and tan thread blends well with all the fabrics.

I hope you will try out Trinity’s design “Adventure Time” for your next toddler quilt project. Trinity’s personal tip for hand or machine quilting: Since the quilt is 42″ wide, it will generally fit on a width of fabric, meaning it is not necessary to piece the backing.

7 thoughts on ““Adventure Time” Published

  1. Love this quilt! I need to get that magazine and read the story. I love that your hobby is being passed down through generations. I canโ€™t wait to sew with my 3 year old granddaughter.

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