Sewing Room Helper

For the past two weeks, my daughter, granddaughter, and two great-grands have visited us here on “the farm” in North Carolina. They have experienced an abundance of pine tree pollen, the glorious blooming of azaleas, picking up pine cones for the bonfire, riding the tractor with “Jih-pah,” planting the garden, feeding the ducklings, gathering eggs, and helping with quilting projects.

Charlee helping Oma

My lone quilting goal for this time was to assemble thirty “Hope of Hartford” blocks into a quilt top. Trinity and I made blocks for each other and for ourselves as an exchange over the past two years. I thought it fitting to turn my blocks into a quilt top during her visit. With Charlee’s supervision, I sewed sashing between the blocks and added teal corner stones. The quilt top is not quite large enough for a queen size quilt, so I plan a pieced border of star point units. I will work on this when I visit Trinity’s family at the end of May because she has all the leftover batik fabrics. For now, the partially completed top hangs neatly folded in the rolling, portable wardrobe. (You will find basic instructions for the “Hope of Hartford” block on the Patterns page of this blog.)

Quality Control by Charlee

Trinity worked on constructing eight 20″ stars made from HSTs (half square triangles). Those done, she whipped out a baby quilt of rubber ducky fabric claimed from my stash. Although these two weeks have not seen as many projects completed as our visits in the past have yielded, it has been a joy to strengthen the relationship with our now adult granddaughter and to interact with her littles. We’ve taken lots of photos during the visit and plan to make an album of all the noteworthy activities of their trip.

8 thoughts on “Sewing Room Helper

  1. Aby, it sounds like you had a dream couple of weeks with your family! How wonderful to share your love of quilting through generations. I wish any of mine picked up a love of sewing. But maybe it will come through my granddaughters eventually. Thank you for sharing your time with us. I can’t wait to see my grands. Have a wonderful visit in May, too.

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