Patriotic “Adventure Time”

Six quilting friends and I got together for a reunion/retreat last week. Making a quilt for a veteran was one of the planned activities. We based our design idea on Trinity Sander’s “Adventure Time” quilt published in the May/June 2021 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.

Since the design calls for five 12″ squares, five of us brought red, white, and blue patchwork squares to the retreat. We also furnished Nine Patches as well as fabric pieces for the small squares and rectangles in the quilt. We expanded the quilt’s size by adding two narrow rows, a pieced border, and a navy tone-on-tone border.

After placing all the pieces on the design wall, I cut navy strips for sashing. Three of the quilters were on hand to construct the three columns of patchwork. I pinned sashing and pressed after each square or rectangle was added, keeping all three sew-ers busy.

We all had so much fun experimenting with this design and working on this group project, and we were amazed by how quickly the quilt came together. I chose Becker’s Shooting Star for the edge to edge quilting design, and I used gold thread which shows nicely in the navy border yet blends well with the interior patchwork.

Alicia took the quilt home, planning to bind it in red and to honor a veteran or veteran’s family with our quilt gift.

6 thoughts on “Patriotic “Adventure Time”

  1. I love how this turned out!! And I swear you are selling me on that issue of Quiltmaker magazine. This is the third post of a pattern from it, isn’t it? I want to make the cover pattern “Roses” 🙂


  2. Beautiful!!! Quiltmaker is my favorite magazine, so it’s in the house. I’m gonna have to check it out again for that pattern! Thank for sharing!!

  3. Very nicely put together. The smaller squares and rectangles are a good balance to the 12” squares. Good job!

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