Projects Underway

On Monday’s blog post I hinted about a winter holiday quilt I’m making for publication next fall. Would you like to see some of the fabrics?

“Joyful” from Maywood Studio

I am using these eight fabrics for the pieced border of a lap quilt. Click here to see all of the gorgeous fabrics in the collection on the Maywood Studio website. These rich, festive fabrics truly are a joy to work with, and I am making great progress on assembling this quilt.

I’m also working on a lap quilt for a veteran. I won eight blocks from a BOM drawing at my “virtual” guild meeting last year. I made the ninth block yesterday and have assembled the block rows and sashing rows for the quilt. Maybe I’ll do the tedious but necessary pinning while watching a movie or listening to a podcast. (I’m currently enjoying listening to “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens.)

“Lattice Star” Lap Quilt

Not content just to work on WIPs and UFOs, I began a new project – Edyta Sitar’s “Mystery 2021.” The QAL began this past Monday with Clue #1 posted on Edyta’s blog, Edyta posts one clue each morning, and she promises we will have all the clues in two weeks’ time. I’ve arranged the 4″ squares on my design wall according to the grid diagram she provided. The blocks are simple units, and, with concentrated effort, I am sure you can catch up with those who are quilting along.

Edyta Sitar’s “Mystery 2021”

The successful completion of Edyta’s “Mystery 2020,” renamed “California,” induced me to make this year’s mystery which is constructed in a similar style. Click here to see the “Mystery 2020” quilt I made while sheltering at home.

As we head into the weekend, what projects are underway in your sewing room? What are you hoping to accomplish in the next couple of days? (Can you tell that I am a goal oriented quilter?)

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