Favorite Patchwork Blocks

I have begun to think about a Block of the Month quilt for 2022. “What???” you inquire. “We are only half through 2021 and we haven’t yet finished the Options BOM!” That is true, but I have to work out a design and make an eye-catching sample so you’ll be motivated to participate come January 1st.

Preliminary plans are to design a sampler quilt of various sized blocks, and I would like to include your favorite patchwork blocks. For example, one of my all time favorites is “Weathervane,” so I generally work it into the sampler quilts I make.


What is your favorite patchwork block? Perhaps it is a design used in a treasured quilt made by a family member. Scrappy fans like those in this quilt made by Nana, my paternal grandmother, appeal to me.

Nana’s “Grandmother’s Fan”

Perhaps your favorite is one you often make for a baby quilt, wedding quilt, or graduation gift. You’ve made it so often, you can set your machine on “auto pilot.”

Maybe you are drawn to quick piecing techniques like “Four Patch” or “Nine Patch.” Or maybe you’ve cracked the code for an intricate block, discovering tips for stellar construction.

“Little Boy Blue”

I am interested to know what blocks you often turn to when using your scraps. I have a penchant for making “Sheepfold.” I often use them to expand backing fabric or as a border of a scrappy quilt, or I may make an entire quilt from the blocks.

“Sheepfold” blocks

What patchwork designs have interested you recently? Personally, I’ve enjoyed English Paper Piecing small projects.

“Posies for Mum”

So, tell me, what are your favorite patchwork blocks? You can leave the design name(s) in a comment below and/or send a picture to aby.quilts@gmail.com.

13 thoughts on “Favorite Patchwork Blocks

  1. Aby, thanks for asking. I love making Dresden Plate blocks. Because I’m Dutch, I often make Dutchman’s Puzzles for guild swaps. I do like Sheepfold, too!

  2. I do love the Weathervane also but I think my favorite is–well, a tie between a Sawtooth/Rising Star (because it’s soooo versatile!) or a “Broken Star” which is an 8″ block pattern I found in a free BOM at Annie’s a couple of years ago. I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else since. It’s a little bit of a pain in the neck due to all the triangles but if it were enlarged to a 12″ pattern, it’d be fun to make. I made it in its original 8″ size on a sampler I made for the Comfort Quilt ministry at my church a few years ago (2017?) It’s pictured here – top row, center block with a “square in a square” in the center and then “crowns” on the star points. It’s a lot but it definitely my favorite on that whole sampler.


    Almost done creating and populating my web site but still only have one Sawtooth Star done from the Options QAL. I have 12 days left! I’m a-gonna need every one of them, I think! Still need to design and order business cards that will double as “tags” for delivered products with care/cleaning instructions on the back. So much computer work to do so I can sew all day every day LOL I am definitely looking forward to finishing the Options quilt and will probably donate it to the Scrap Happy ministry in my quilt guild since I haven’t given them but one quilt this year and we’re already half gone!


    • Ohhh, almost forgot, there was a really nice “flower” type block in the Moda “Summer in the Country” QAL I did in 2020. It’s also on that sampler quilt page on my web site. Click the 3rd thumbnail to see the blue/yellow with a brown/tan ribbon border. The 3rd row, far right – it was in the QAL but I am searching the Moda block archives for the original designer…let’s see. It was called Summer Basket designed by Nicola Dodd and was Block 7 in the QAL. Very fun and quick block to work up but the instructions were a little confusing as I recall (I got something turned around and had to take it off and reassemble but it was lovely once I got it corrected.


      While searching the Blockheads 2 archive, I saw this very pretty nested design (BH No. 38) called Anchor Point by Lisa Bongean and would have to add that to my list of sampler blocks I would enjoy including.


      I’m probably not helping you narrow it down, Aby, and some of these are a moderate or higher level of difficulty so you might not want to include them in a QAL for 2022 but you asked what blocks I liked so here they are 🙂


  3. I love all of them! The block that comes to mind first would be a star, Ohio Star. And then I recently made a baby quilt using the Log Cabin block, light fabrics on one side and all purples on the other. Enjoyed making those blocks and was delighted how the shades of purples transitioned into one another.

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