Fabric Birthday Cake

My friend Kim and her sisters and their children gave their mother, an avid quilter, a fantastic birthday gift this year — a cake made of fabric! Isn’t this the best idea?!

The Process: “After gathering fabric for several months from 3 daughters and 3 grandkids across 4 states, we sat down to build the ‘cake.’

We folded and rolled each piece to be the same height, each tier being slightly shorter than the one below.  After rolling, we used clear packing tape to secure the rolls because the rubber bands were pinching the fabric and the appearance was not smooth.  Using a round pizza pan as a base and circle template, we alternated colors and patterns until we found a combo that was pleasing.  The fabric rolls stood by themselves fairly easily, but at the end we needed 4 hands to hold and wrap/tie the larger ribbon and tulle around the layer.  Repeat for each tier.  At the end we put a 1” dowel down thru the middle layer and slightly into the top and bottom tiers to hold it all together.  

The battery operated candles were added at the end.   

The base tier had rolls of fabric in 2.5-4 yard chunks.  The middle tier had 1-2 yard pieces around a very large 6 yard piece.  The top tier was mainly fat quarters, scraps, or less than 1 yard pieces.  

Mom was delighted with the gift.  She is not fond of cake or of gifts, so we openly chatted for days about ‘making her a super tall 3-tier birthday cake’ and ‘all of the presents she’d have to open.’   On her birthday, she came to dinner, and while we had cocktails before dinner, she opened a few presents.  After we were done, her grandson quietly disappeared and came back carrying the lit cake, and we all sang ‘happy birthday.’  She was delighted, and it was especially fun when we told her to ‘make a wish, blow out the candles.’  When she did, we clicked the remote, turning off the candles.  Haha!”

Thanks, Kim, for sharing this terrific fabric cake idea!

This gift idea would translate well to other occasions: a quilting friend is moving away, the quilt guild president has finished her term of office, a quilting friend retires from her day job, a member of your bee group needs a cheer-up gift.

If you decide to make a similar cake, you can order the tapers from Amazon.com. Here is the link.

7 thoughts on “Fabric Birthday Cake

  1. What a treat to receive that birthday cake. Lucky mom and very smart family members!Hope you all are doing well. Have enjoyed seeing your handiwork published in a few of my quilting magazines this summer!Take good care  CindySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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