Current Projects

There are three big projects on my to-do list, none of which can be completed today. First is Aimee’s quilt. She commissioned me to make a queen size quilt, and we deliberated over a design and fabrics in April/May. Since I knew I would be busy in June and July facilitating two day camps at church, I lent Aimee a rotary cutter, ruler and mat, instructing her how to cut 6″ squares and narrow sashing and mini cornerstones. Other obligations finally settled down for me, and we got together last week to lay out the squares on my portable design wall and to begin sewing the rows together.

As you can see, the squares are set on point with a striped sashing that Aimee meticulously cut. I have been working this week to pin and sew the long center diagonal rows together. After attaching an inner border, I’ll visit Aimee again so we can figure out how wide to make the outer border. She wants a good amount of drop to extend over the sides of her bed.

The second major project is “Leaves and Berries” which will be published next spring in Quiltmaker magazine. Of course the design is a secret until published. Suffice it to say that hand applique, while relaxing, takes a bit of concentrated time.

“Brown-eyed Susans” a la hexagons is my third time-consuming project. The cheerful flowers, visible from my kitchen window this summer, were my inspiration. I plan to make twelve blocks for a small lap quilt; I work on this EPP project while sitting with my husband in the evenings. The hexies are stitched together by hand but appliqued onto the background square with a very narrow machine zigzag stitch. I’m enjoying the slow pace of the project, resigned to the fact that it may not be finished until the end of September.

Juggling three big projects is overwhelming, and I want a quick finish this week to boost my enthusiasm. (Do you ever feel this way?) On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I took a break from the “big three” and assembled thirteen Sawtooth Stars. These are exchange blocks with an Easter theme that I’ll trade with my friends at a quilting retreat in mid-September.

It is so satisfying to cross this small project off my to-do list. This “win” encourages me to keep plugging along on the long term projects. If I keep working on them, a little each day, I will eventually finish.

What long term project are you working on?

3 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Well done you! My long term projects definitely need a boost of enthusiasm, a some cooler weather! I am still plugging slowly on the queen size whole cloth I am hand quilting for my daughter and new son in law. I want it finished by Christmas. Also a mohair cardigan on the needles and a fair isle in time out. Instead of working in them, I have cut out not one but two sewing projects…🤣

  2. Well done !
    I’m currently working on two throw quilts for a friend and her sister. They lost their mother in Jan 2021 and I’m using her dresses within the quilt. Also working on covering a bench cushion for a friends classroom, a fall table cloth for my bestie and some smaller wall hangings for the holidays 😉 this group inspires me and Aby you’re amazing !

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