Options for “Balkan Puzzle” – More from BOM Participants

Pictures of “Balkan Puzzle” are rolling in from Block of the Month participants! I am so proud of you for tackling this block in the first place. It is probably the most involved of all of the blocks for our “Options” QAL. And your fabric and design variations are so inspiring!

First up are Anita’s blocks. She’s making two quilts: one scrappy with stash calicos and the other with batiks. All are absolutely lovely, Anita.

Kelly is making blocks with the “Apricot and Ash” fabric line (by Corey Yoder for Moda). The peach, gray, and fresh green are a lovely combination! I can tell Kelly enjoys choosing “the perfect” fabric for each patch in her blocks.

Sarah also sent a picture of her blocks. Of the pink/green block she wrote, “I made the parallelograms first and then noticed I’d reversed the background and color prints (oops), so I had a negative of my intention. Decided to just keep going and keep turning the geese and parallelograms until I found a combo I liked.” A wise quilter once said, “There are no mistakes, just design opportunities!” Sarah, your design opportunity took “Balkan Puzzle” to a whole new level!

Way to go, ladies! If you haven’t made your blocks yet, perhaps you can carve out some time this weekend to stitch them. The end of August is next week, yikes! And I am sure you want to finish by the 31st so you can be entered in the drawing for a free quilting magazine.

If you are a new blog follower and would like to participate in our free QAL for 2021, click on “Options BOM QAL” in the menu. The page contains links to instructions for all the blocks, to date. The blocks are fun to sew, and thorough instructions make them totally doable for the beginner quilter. When you complete the blocks for the month, you comment “Done” on the blog post of the last day of the month, and your name is entered in a drawing. Please join the fun.

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