On Retreat – Day 4

We have established several traditions for our annual retreats. One such tradition is exchanging blocks that we have sewn throughout the year. On the first retreat we exchanged 6 1/2” Christmas themed blocks. The second exchange was for Valentine blocks. And at this retreat we exchanged Easter themed blocks.

The variety and creativity is fabulous! By next year’s retreat we need to have sewn the blocks together into a quilted project for show and tell.

Demos are another tradition we look forward to. Prior to the retreat we compile a list of techniques or projects we would like to learn how to do. We make a schedule of two or three demos per day, and one of our number teaches the rest of us. For example, Karen taught us to make simple fishy four patches using Annette Ornalas’ peeled back patchwork technique.

Fishy works in progress

In between demos, meals, and walks on the beach, I finished a string pieced border for my sailboat Churn Dash baby quilt. The remaining sailboat fabrics will go in my bin for I Spy quilts, and the blue strips and strings will go in the big string bin that is segregated by color.

I have breakfast duty this morning, so I’ll leave you wondering what other retreat traditions we will enjoy today.

5 thoughts on “On Retreat – Day 4

  1. Aby, I love the blocks in the block exchange piles but am confused. Are there 10 blocks from EACH of you? So each of those piles is an identical pattern made by different people (looks like 5-6 in each stack)?

    And that baby giant churn dash is prettier each time I see it; meant to comment the other day when you first posted it. I know how you feel about the blue bin not being done yet HAHA I like your blues better than mine though.

    I confess I thought one of those photos of the “fishy four patch” blocks were fish and one were CANDIES but maybe that’s my sweet tooth at work HAHA

    I finally finished piecing and attaching border #4 onto my Options quilt, have pieced a backer (I didn’t really have any 4-yard pieces to use so used 2 grey and one magenta all in geometric patterns to match the Options triangles and squares dominant in the blocks. I’m out today but my quilting stencils from Hancy Creations are due to arrive at last (a week late since the USPS seems to have lost them twice during transit) so I hope to baste a sandwich and start quilting Options this weekend ((yay))


  2. I would really like to be included in your retreat next year. It sounds like a blast, and I could learn so much. When I told Jim what I wanted to do, his only question was, “Do I have to go?” When I answered no, he waved me off.🤗 Really hope there is room for me next time. Fingers crossed.

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