Mysterious Happenings

Do you enjoy a good mystery? I am currently listening to “The Leavenworth Case” by Anna Katharine Green serialized on the CraftLit podcast. It’s engaging to listen while I sew quilt blocks and tops.

Speaking of mysteries and quilts, Bonnie K. Hunter has posted the first clue for “Rhododendron Trail,” her free mystery for winter 2021. She typically posts a clue each Friday between Thanksgiving and New Year. This week’s clue is HSTs (half square triangles). Are you quilting along with Bonnie on this year’s mystery? Click here for the “Rhododendron Trail” instruction links.

“Ruby Jubilee” is another intriguing quilt mystery; it is sponsored by the Quiltmaker magazine. Since this is the 40th year of publication of the magazine, the “ruby” year, editor Denise Starck has designed a quilt of various sized blocks and will present instructions for them in each 2022 issue of the magazine. The block designs all derive from Bonnie Hunter’s “Addicted to Scraps” columns published in Quiltmaker over the past ten years. Following the “ruby” theme, Denise’s quilt is red and white, and I have decided to follow suit with various pinks and wines designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.

Will you quilt along with me in 2022, making a “Ruby Jubilee” quilt? Click here, linking to Quilting Daily, to read about the Jan/Feb 2022 issue of Quiltmaker and the mystery quilt. If you are not yet a subscriber and your newsstand does not carry Quiltmaker, you can order a print or digital copy from

11 thoughts on “Mysterious Happenings

  1. The ruby blocks pictured are lovely but I’m sorry, I’m confused by the discussion. Are those blocks pictured made by you or someone named Denise? And is the pattern from Bonnie K. Hunter’s Winter Mystery quilt “Rhododendron Trail” or from the Quiltmaker magazine article? Sorry to ask you to reiterate. I’m just not following…. my brain is burned out trying to straighten out the mess I keep making and fixing on Edyta’s rainbow mysteryquilt2021 but I am finally on the outer “rounds” and getting to the fun colors so it’s looking good! I might even get it done (the top piecing anyway) next week which technically is 2021 until Wednesday 🙂 HAHA just sayin’!


  2. My blog post highlights two current quilt mysteries. “Rhododendron Trail” is designed by Bonnie Hunter, and a clue is posted on her blog,, each Friday from Thanksgiving weekend to New Year’s weekend.

    The second mystery, “Ruby Jubilee,” is designed by Denise Starck, an editor involved with Quiltmaker magazine. She designed the quilt using blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps columns in the magazine. A clue will appear in each 2022 issue of Quiltmaker. I am participating in the mystery quilt along, and I made the blocks pictured. The instructions for these blocks are published in the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker. I hope you will join the fun!

    • Ahh, now I understand and while I won’t join until after the mystery is fully-revealed, I will probably join in later in 2022 after I can collect all the blocks and choose my fabrics more wisely. That’s the thing of mystery quilt designs that I dislike so much, not being able to pick and choose and play with colors and fabrics. I like the pattern to be set first. Thank you for (re)explaining it to me 😉

      • We are not yet meeting in person again but yes, I am sure I can find a home for a magazine if I decide I don’t want the paper hanging around here 😉 Given that my machine became unusable yesterday, I am trying not to feel a sense of withdrawal from my sewing addiction and focusing instead on using my new Cricut Maker to learn how to cut applique shapes that I can hand-stitch to keep busy for the next week or two until my machine is back from the service guy.

  3. I’m thinking of trying the Quiltmaker mystery. Just waiting for my first issue to arrive. I like making blocks of varying sizes.

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