“Spare Squares” Finished!

Last spring my friend Karlene and I decided to work on the same scrap quilt design. We were inspired by Lori Holt’s Sew Your Stash #16 “Spare Squares,” as seen in her You Tube tutorial. Over the months we encouraged each other and compared notes on our progress. Karlene even shared white print squares with me from her stash.

I selected my fabric layout as Lori Holt’s video showed, using a lot of light or white in the blocks and setting them with white alternate squares. I made 72 of the patchwork blocks for a queen size bed. The text print adds interest in the inner border and a teal blue outer border consolidates all the scrappiness of the interior. What I did not envision at the outset of the project was how light the finished quilt would be. While it is true that I used many, many 1 1/2″ squares for this quilt, the presence of so much white delegates it as a quilt for the guest room because daily use would quickly soil the pristine white fabrics.

On the other hand, Karlene reversed the coloration and used lots of colors in the blocks and set them with colorful alternate squares. I love her cheerful quilt so much! And it could certainly be used often since the colors will camouflage smudges.

Karlene’s “Spare Squares”

It was so much fun to work on a project separately, but together! I am looking forward to another scrappy adventure with Karlene in 2022.

7 thoughts on ““Spare Squares” Finished!

  1. I like them both for very different reasons. Karlene’s of course has all the colors but the white on yours, Aby, makes the quilting show almost like on a whole-cloth (because there’s so much white). So different and so alike. I would have gone the way of Karlene–uses more stash that way 🙂 but they are both so nice!


  2. Both quilts are stunning. I love the clean look of yours, Aby. However, the more colorful pattern is hard to believe you are using the same pattern! The more colorful one seems to be in motion based on how you look at it. This is my problem with way my brain sees patterns sometimes. Both stunning.


  3. How very different these two quilts look. I do love the look of the white quilt, but as you said it will be a magnet for dirt. Karlene’s quilt is quite colorful…right up my alley. And it is not overpowering. I think it is great you were both using stash to piece these quilts. Congratulations

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