When Brown Is Beautiful

It is a newsworthy event when it snows in central Carolina, and Friday evening saw youngsters of all ages gleefully watching the flakes sift down from the skies. By Saturday morning our property was blanketed with a sparkling expanse of white. My husband and I donned warm coats and boots for a short walk. Our search for forest animal tracks was rewarded, and I also snapped some pictures of snow’s transformational ability, turning the drab brown of autumn into beautiful images.

Snow covered beech leaves

Each thin, brown leaf of this beech tree collected a coat of snow. Viewing this tree as well as the tall pines decorated with white-flocked needles was breath-taking. Brown is beautiful! Although brown is not my go-to color when making quilts, this beech tree reminded me of a Dresden Plate which features a brown border and sashing. (You can read the original blog post about this quilt HERE.)

Dresden Plate – Civil War repro fabrics

The “California” quilt designed by Edyta Sitar as a mystery is also a study in brown. (Click HERE to view the original post about this quilt.)

“California” mystery quilt

This photo of snow-covered blocks that border our parking area reminds me of a “Tumblers” quilt design. Do you also see the alternating brown and white wedge shapes?

My “Tumblers” quilt was completed in 2015 and now lives in my sister’s country farm house. The beautiful snow covered brown blocks plus my overflowing scrap bins inspires me to make another “Tumblers” quilt.

“Tumblers” in progress

Has the brown of winter inspired you lately? How can you transform this earth tone into something beautiful?

5 thoughts on “When Brown Is Beautiful

  1. I’ve always loved brown. So many times, it seems to have a gold or glowing undertone. I much prefer it over black. Thanks for the post!

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