“Brown-Eyed Susans” Published!

Have you seen the May/June 2022 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting? It contains so many fun, bright projects perfect for spring sewing. Instructions for my lap quilt design, “Brown-Eyed Susans,” begin on page 52.

“Brown-Eyed Susans”

And in case you are leery of committing to “all that hand work,” I’ll let you in on a little secret. I machine appliqued the hexie rosettes to the background squares. Yes, coordinating yellow-gold thread and a very shallow zigzag stitch did the trick. Zoom in to see the nearly invisible stitches around the edges of the rosettes.

The alternate blocks are an “Album Cross” easily made following the instructions in the magazine. The brown inner border hails back to the brown centers of the flowers, and the green plaid outer border adds a comfortable country feel to the quilt. Using light yellow thread, I quilted a floral design all over the quilt. The pantograph is “Wall flower” by Hermione Agee c. 2011.

Have I tempted you to purchase the magazine and try your hand at simplified English Paper Piecing? If not “Brown-Eyed Susans,” there are many other projects in the issue to ignite your creativity! Click here to purchase a digital copy from the Quilting Daily store.

9 thoughts on ““Brown-Eyed Susans” Published!

  1. Congratulations Aby! This is a lovely quilt! I have always been drawn to Brown-Eyed Susans. They remind me of my childhood on our family farm. Perhaps one day I will attempt this quilt!

  2. Abby, I just love this quilt, and when I saw it in the magazine I was so surprised to see your name! I’ve been playing a little bit with EPP, and this quilt is just enough inspiration to get me going

  3. I love how the Album Cross setting makes it look like the pretty sunflower style daisies are set on point–but without all that work! 🙂 I am always a lazy daisy. I love machine applique for that very reason! It’s very pretty but I think I would do an orange peel shape instead of hexies. I don’t know what it is that I have against hexies, but I just seem to dislike them the way it seems like everyone else loves them! 🙂

    Your quilt came out beautifully and of course, that Wallflower quilting is just the polished finish ❤ Perfect

  4. I love this quilt, I find that I really enjoy EPP so was an immediate fan. My hexie rosettes are all done, now onto the leaf blocks. Thanks Aby for all the suggestions for thread and quilting panto idea.

  5. Really lovely. The photo is amazing, too, with the sunshine on the trees behind the pines. The golds and greens reflected by the colors in your quilt. Tempted. yes!

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