“Cabins and Cornerstones” Published!

The May/June 2022 issue of Quiltmaker magazine has reached subscribers’ mailboxes. Look for it on your favorite newsstand! Themed “Father Knows Best: Quilts by and for Men,” the issue is brimful of perfect projects for Father’s Day gifts as well as for springtime sewing.

My quilt, “Cabins and Cornerstones” is featured on pages 56-61. The editor succinctly explained the process for making this quilt and included fantastic step by step diagrams. But I bet you would like to know some back story and behind-the-scenes info.

My friend, Kathy, showed our quilting class a Log Cabin quilt she made with scraps from her stash as well as some inherited from her mother. She recommended the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool saying, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had making a quilt.” Wanting to share in the fun, I bought the ruler and begin digging into my container of strips and strings.

In my haste, I didn’t read the instructions which suggest sewing light “logs” first around the center square. I added dark logs first as you can see in the picture below. Sewing dark logs first meant that the longest logs would be light and would therefore not frame the block nicely.

However, we can turn most of our mistakes into design opportunities! I decided a red sashing between the blocks could simulate the final dark logs. Once I settled on red sashing, I avoided using red logs in the blocks so red wouldn’t be touching red, thus muddling the design.

I pieced the “Piano Key” border from 2″ wide strips and made four more Log Cabin blocks for corner squares in the border. But the scale was wrong; the narrow logs didn’t look cohesive with the wider piano keys. So I made four identical Log Cabin blocks with black center squares and 2″ wide logs which look so much better.

I quilted the “China Sea” pantograph (designed by Keryn Emmerson) with light gray thread and bound “Cabins and Cornerstones” with solid black fabric.

To echo my friend Kathy, “I had a lot of fun making this quilt!” It is not a quilt-in-a-day project; I pieced the blocks over several months, keeping a tray of strips and strings on a small table near my sewing machine. Sometimes the blocks were leaders and enders as I sewed other projects; sometimes I chain pieced three or four blocks at a time. I used the trim tool ruler after each round of logs to make sure my cabins stayed square as I built them. “Cabins and Cornerstones” is a great design for turning narrow scraps into a beautiful, colorful quilt!

6 thoughts on ““Cabins and Cornerstones” Published!

  1. I have been meaning to congratulate you on this pattern ever since Quiltmaker appeared in our mailbox. It’s a very attractive way to make a log cabin “new” again!

  2. I just got my copy of the magazine and saw this as soon as I started flipping through, like the magazine just fell open to a picture of you, Aby! Congrats, so nice to see you in there 🙂 Now off to do Part 3 of the Ruby Jubilee QAL – sooooo many geese OMG (the part 3 instructions say to “make 42” and I had to ask on Instagram, is that a typo? Nope! LOL This is gonna take a while)


  3. I received my Quiltmaker magazine yesterday and was happy to spot your newly published design! This is a great back story.

  4. Love this quilt! May have to chase down the mail person to get my copy! Already have the ruler, thank heavens. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Mary Ed

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