Half Dresdens – BOM Participants Share

Have you taken a moment this month to click on the “Favorites BOM QAL” tab in the menu? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find “Dresden Plate” – Block of the Month #6. Even if you are not quilting along this year, you will find the instructions helpful for making this beautiful, scrap-friendly block. The suggested wedge ruler makes rotary cutting a snap, and constructing the plates is so much easier than first glance suggests. You can also use the wedge ruler to make “Grandmother’s Fan” blocks and basket blocks, too.

BOM participants have been busy sewing Half Dresdens for the “Favorites” medallion style quilt. First up is Helga’s work in progress. She lives in Germany and did not have access to the wedge ruler, but I think her work-around yielded fantastic results. I would not have thought to use all red wedges for the blocks, but the shading is so subtle and nice, and red is the perfect color for this spot in the composition.

Karen is sewing along at the Sew There! quilt shop in Angier, NC. We meet once a month for show and tell and for a tutorial on the block of the month. Karen wrote, “I’ve been quilting and piecing for about 6 years and the Dresden Plates have always scared me!!! It was so fun and a lot easier than I thought they would be!!!”

Valerie is also quilting along at Sew There! Her quilt fabric is mostly polka dots. You can see that the polka dot wedges are shaded in value with darkest on the left and lightest on the right. Sew much fun!

I hope you’ll give “Dresden Plate” a try this month. I would love to see a picture of your block; email it to aby.quilts@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Half Dresdens – BOM Participants Share

  1. Helga, as always, your color choices and piecing is striking and catches my eye! Can’t wait to see your whole quilt 🙂

    Karen I’m surprised with Chris “DresdenMaster” Schnell in the guild, you were never relieved of your Dresden fear. Chris always makes them look so easy and pretty – yours came out great, too! There are so many possibilities with Dresdens 🙂

  2. Hi, I opened my Quiltmaker, flipped through and stopped when I saw your Bleberry Hill quilt. So happy you are featured. It’s perfect!

  3. I finally got started on the inner borders but need to make a decision on the frame for them. The Dresdens are on my list for this week now that I’m finished with the bridesmaid dresses I am altering. I have a window while I wait on the bride to make some decisions.

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