“Maymont” Finished

Bonnie Hunter, the queen of scrappy quilt designs, has a new pattern for you to try – “Maymont.” Click here to see all the digital patterns in Bonnie’s shop. “Maymont” is currently second in the line-up.

The many colors, yet planned design, for each block attracted me to this pattern. Each block is a mini “Trip Around the World.” Since my 2 1/2″ square scrap bin was overflowing, I surmised I could make the quilt using these scrap squares. I did find enough coordinating squares in the bin to make three blocks, but then I realized that my bin did not contain the four identical squares and eight identical squares needed. Not to worry, I next raided my stash of 2 1/2″ wide strips. When variety in the strip bin was exhausted, I cut from scrappy yardage.

When you look closely at Bonnie’s quilt, you will note some differences. She used smaller squares, set her blocks on point, and used many colors of corner stones in the sashing. I decided to use a gray fabric with multi-colored Xs for all the corner stones, feeling the fabric added unity and order. Since the sashing fabric was a very pale gray print, I used medium gray thread for quilting the “Drunken Feathers” design by Barbara Becker.

I enjoyed making this “almost free” quilt, and at forty-two blocks it is large enough for our queen size bed.

Are you currently working on a scrap quilt?

7 thoughts on ““Maymont” Finished

  1. I spent the weekend finishing my version of Hunter’s “Unity” quilt and right now I never want to do another “Bonnie quilt” again! But I love your Maymont and may have to give it a try! Today I’m planning to get out another UFO box and start putting whatever’s in there together. I have too many UFOs and, of course, too many ideas of new-FOs!

    • HAHA I love that “new-FOs” Marianne! 🙂 And sometimes it’s best to just make scraps into something easy instead of something that uses every scrap in the house! Congrats on finishing Unity though 🙂

  2. Love the quilt, will probably give it a try. I really like how you give the quilting panto information as it always seems to fit the quilt.
    I am currently in the scrap busting mode – my last 3 or 4 projects have been using scraps and of course I seem to be creating more scraps. Currently I am working on a Diane Harris scrap quilt, Star Silhouettes, which also uses the 2.5″ squares – think that I finally got the last of them cut yesterday. I’ve also done some of Bonnie Hunter’s designs.

  3. So as surprising as it might be (given how many of Debby Brown’s colorblocks designs I’ve done with 2.5″ squares) I have never made a Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt. I’m not sure I would though does Ruby Jubilee count? It’s based on her 10 years’ worth of Scrap columns, right? 🙂 Well that’s as close to Bonnie K. Hunter’s mastery of scraps I have gotten and there I’m using very deliberate color choices for unity, not scrappy — though I did try to “honor” the scrappiness this last time adding a bunch of different background and ruby pairings to give it a deliberate “unplanned” look. We’ll see how it turns out when I get it all done.

    I also love that you give us the panto name and your choice of Drunken Feathers is great for this, adds the roundness to counteract all those corners. I think I must be confused by the pattern, though, because I thought the grey squares were in between the blocks rather than “cornerstones.” I should go look at Bonnie’s pattern 😉

    My current QALs are keeping me pretty busy for piecing but mostly I’m focused on learning two new things: (1) how to use / control Merida, my new HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen sitdown longarm and the POWER of this beast is why I gave her that name; she is utterly uncontrollable still which also matches the little girl character in “Brave.” And (2) I just started learning EPP (English Paper Piecing) using the Butterfly Effect pattern by Nicole at Lillyella Stitchery. I’m scaling it up 200% to a 48″ square and using pastel batiks to make a baby quilt out of it but it’s still got some small pieces and tricky joints. So far, though, it’s waaaay easier as a technique than I imagined EPP to be and I’m surprised to see how much easier it is for me to match points than it is when I do traditional piecing.

    So no scrap quilt piecing for me! Well, not counting the Moda Blockheads 4 and Ruby Jubilee and Sherri McConnell’s BOM for which I’m using up patriotic print scraps ((smirk)) Okay I guess I’m already ON some scrap quilt projects! I really want to try some of the free patterns from The Quilted Twins (one of whom lives in Poland and has been liasion-ing (liasing is the real word) to help with Ukrainian war refugee relief I just keep meaning to get me some second-hand men’s cotton shirts at a thrift shop 🙂


  4. Omigosh!! I just went to Bonnie’s shop to look at the Maymont pattern and #1 “Solidarity” with the strip-pieced hearts spinning is just amazing!! Now see what you did, Aby? I might have to make one of those! Argh.

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